Shadow Commercial Kitchen

Shadow Commercial Kitchen

Food delivery services have ushered in a whole new field in the dining industry, such as ghost kitchens. The rampant rise of ghost or shadow kitchens is easily the most disruptive development of the dining industry. Many shadow kitchens help start-ups achieve their dream without falling behind because they have to set up a permanent premise. A shadow commercial kitchen is a uniquely 21st-century innovation that could translate into big money for your small business. Please pay attention to the following content so we can answer some of the most critical questions about the strange ghost world of Cordova Kitchens and shadow branding vs. ghost kitchen.

FAQ shadow commercial kitchens

What is a ghost kitchen?

A shadow kitchen is where people hire the kitchen space to produce food as they would in their own spaces. These spaces do not have a dining space because their focus is to fulfill food orders and deliver them to the end customer, such as in a restaurant or via a food delivery system. This means we do not have a visible front because things in ghost restaurants work slightly differently from a typical kitchen with a dining premise.

What is the cause of the sudden opening of ghost kitchens?

As stated earlier, these kitchens tend to supplement a dining business without enough kitchen space. People are jumping into the trend of hiring a kitchen to take advantage of the growing dining industry and will use them to produce food for distant delivery.

People who realize benefits from this arrangement appreciate the option of not dealing with rising real estate prices, all while putting out food for a fraction of the fee of running a full-on restaurant. Additionally, one does not have to worry about putting together a dining area to deliver the same food and save money and time for a dine-in experience.

What to expect from our kitchens

Our shadow facilities have many different arrangements and amenities to cater to all kinds of food productions. The following are the most common features for all our ghost kitchen startup options:

  • Clean ghost kitchen equipment and spaces
  • The option to customize the space with different systems to suit your food production or brand
  • Changing rooms
  • Sufficient coolers
  • A hood to remove exhaust

Benefits of using a shadow kitchen vs. renting one

  • Fast work because you do not have to worry about putting together every single piece of equipment and cleaning up the amenities to get started
  • Customers can enjoy restaurant-quality food because you use the same systems as a regular dining space
  • Flexible conditions so you can adjust the kitchen resources as you please and get a lower payment plan.
  • Big restaurants do not have to turn down massive orders because they can hire one or more of our shadow kitchens.
  • A prime location near DTLA and USC, hence you can fulfill hundreds of orders in the first week, whereas a permanent kitchen is limited to the number of customers who walk into it.

Hiring a temporary space is a better option no matter where you are in your dining business or brand. Check out pictures of our kitchen options and contact us or call 818-266-9105 / 818-402-5219 to begin arrangements for your shadow commercial kitchen.

Shadow Commercial Kitchen
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Shadow Commercial Kitchen
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